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National high school student MY PROJECT AWARD 2018 Hokkaido convention

My Project Award



This event has ended.
Date and time
February 17, 2019 (Sun)
9: 30 ~ 16: 00 (planned)
Sapporo Elplaza


The nationwide high school student My Project Award is a "festival of learning" for high school students who explored the subjects they noticed and acted on behalf of someone around me. I will review opportunities that I have been working on, announce it in front of a lot of people, receive feedback, and encounter the same generation nationwide.

Projects selected after regional conventions held at seven places nationwide or after screening through online competitions will be invited to the nationwide summit as "2018 All Star Team Member".

【About division】
In the nationwide high school student My Project Award 2018, we divide the division into two sections and conduct a judgment.

◇ School Division: Projects that tackled classes, research activities, task research, departmental activities, committee activities, etc. (We will review the school while publishing the school name)

◇ Individual / Group Division: Project that tackled activities outside the school (We will proceed with the examination without announcing school name)

【COMPETITION in HOKKAIDO Hokkaido Competition】
Date and time February 17, 2019 (Sun)
meeting time 9: 30 (Changed since 9: 15)
Start time 10: 00 (Changed since 9: 45)
ending time 16:00 (planned)
Venue Sapporo El Plaza (Kita-ku Kita-ku Sapporo City 3-chome North 8)
Operating System Organized by: My Project Hokkaido Executive Committee
Sponsor: Hokkaido Board of Education
Special cooperation: No Maps Executive Committee

* Please understand that participation entry to this award has already ended.