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High school student My project START UP CAMP 2018

Hokkaido Kaiigi @ Sapporo



This event has ended.
Date and time
October 6 (Sat) - 8 (Mon. · Holiday) in 2018
Sapporo City Takino Nature Gakuen
First held in the Hokkaido area! ! Let's make MiPro in 2 days and 3 days!
Make My Project, My Project Startup Camp is held for the first time in Hokkaido!
Adult staff with university students and specialized fields gathered, and we will support your project creation in three days!
* We were also considering holding self-control during the damage caused by the earthquake.
However, because of this situation, we decided to hold a high school student who wants to support a new challenge.
Also, considering the impact of the earthquake, we extended the recruitment period.


Date and time October 6 (Sat) - 8 (Sun) in 2018
Venue Sapporo City Takino Nature Gakuen (106 Takino Minami-ku Sapporo City)
Capacity 40 people
credit Organized by: My Project Hokkaido Executive Committee
Cooperation: No Maps Executive Committee
Sponsor: MEXT, Japan UNESCO National Committee
Grants: Children's Dream Fund