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Tramway commemoration opening 100 th anniversary commemoration project × No Maps

Timeless de think of the future! Meat up & conference

Conference Meet-up


This event has ended.
Date and time
October 11, 2018 (Thur)
Susukino Station (Tramen) 5 minutes ago (departure charter departure time at 19:00)


While thinking about the cityscape in the center of Sapporo with a streetcar that marks the 100th anniversary of business opening, "think of Town Denchi future! Meet up & conference "will be held.
While watching the view of Sapporo, walking with the streetcar as an extra edition of "Sapporo Shibuya Conference - City, Town, Install ~", talk about Sapporo's future and Shibuya sightseeing and people coloring the streets and city planning .

Meeting place: October 11 (Thu) Tramway Susukino Station Departure around 19 o'clock
Recruitment ended as it became a capacity

 Charter carIt will be a conference to be held at.
Please bring the staff to the venue (Susukino Station / Tramen) by 18:55.
Admission is closed by those who applied in advance.
Please board in accordance with the instructions of the person in charge at the station.


  • participant
    Kitada Shimami (Wes / Co. No Maps secretariat)
    Yosuke Ano (AIR-G personality)
    Mr. Shinko Nagata (Deputy General Director Shibuya Mirai Design)
    Kenichi Kikui (Director, Tokyu Agency Area Project Bureau)
    Mr. Yoshiaki Tsuda (Chief Director of ANA Holdings Digital Design Laboratory)
    Mr. Hitoshi Kobayashi (Director of Arica Design Limited Company)

Entrance fee: NoMaps Can participate in the conference pass
(With drinks and snacks)

Organized by No Maps Executive Committee