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To realize international collaboration using Sapporo type overseas network

SAPPORO MAPPING Matching × Pitching

International project proposal conference

Conference Meet-up


This event has ended.
Date and time
Monday, October 8, 2018 - October 10 (Wed)
Intercross Creative Center Cross Garden
Sapporo TV Tower

Mapping of Sapporo Mapping is a combination of matching (individual meeting) and pitching (planning suggestion).

In the world, international project planning proposals for broadcasting stations, communication platforms, distribution stakeholders, investors are actively held in order to produce high-quality video contents centered on documentary genres.

SapporoMapping is an international project proposal meeting inviting overseas broadcasting stations and production companies actively engaged in international collaborative work and allowing video related companies in Sapporo and Hokkaido to challenge proposals for international collaborative production.

  • Date and time
    Monday, October 8 - October 10 (Wed)
  • place
    Sapporo TV Tower 2F Floor (8/10)
    Intercross Creative Center (9th)

Application method

Please describe the following items and apply by e-mail.

  • Name
  • age
  • Affiliation (company, organization, free etc)
  • Contact number (phone number, e-mail address)

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