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Startup Weekend Sapporo vol.6

Conference Meet-up


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Date and time
Friday, February 15, 2019 18: 30 ~ 22: 00
Saturday, February 16, 2019 9: 00 ~ 22: 00
Sunday, February 17, 2019 (Sunday) 9: 00 ~ 21: 00
Intercross Creative Center Cross Garden
A lot of favorable events that continued waiting for past cancellations Startup Weekend Sapporo vol.6 will be held! !
If you apply to the Open Network Lab HOKKAIDO 2nd Batch, which is open to recruitment from the beginning of March, you will be entitled to the upper winning team the right to proceed automatically to the interview of the secondary screening after passing the primary screening.
Based on the idea born this time, Open Network Lab HOKKAIDO will fully support you to start your business.

What kind of event is the startup weekend?

The start-up weekend is aimed at nurturing "entrepreneurial spirit"I can experience "entrepreneur" from scratchIt is an event.
  1. Introduce ideas in one minute or find ideas that you can sympathize
  2. Form a team with fellows who sympathized with ideas
  3. Together with teams to shape ideas
  4. Present shape ideas
You can actually experience the series of flows required for this entrepreneur in just three days.

For example, have you always wanted to vaguely think, Ideas you'd want to try a while, a little thought · · · Have you ever wanted to create it as a thing or a service and send it to the world?

Ideas that could not be realized solely by themselves due to lack of technical skills and time, should be able to be "shaped" by combining power with participants, if it is a start-up weekend.

Also, for the last three days, experienced start-ups and coaches will always advise various wisdom and ideas for success.

Do not be afraid of failing, let's take a step forward. By the end of the weekend, the image of entrepreneurs will surely change.

What kind of ideas should I show?

At the start-up weekend, we will organize a team with participants who announced the idea on the first day in a minute and sympathized with it.
The announcement of this idea is called "pitch", and a unique rich idea pops out each time.

Let's introduce some of the pitch presented in vol.5
- Tomato-yaki auntan service - Quietly asking questions in the Yes / No form from users who are a little cared for and promoting communication to make the next opportunity Service
· SOCIAL BAND - Anytime · Anywhere · As soon as possible, the service to let the band know when the heart stops
· IRORI - Delivery service of experiences that can share experiences stories through the application
· Medical Drive - A medical community site that allows you to share the feelings and troubles of becoming uneasy when eye diseases develop, and to know the solution method.


For details, please see KITAGOE-sama's vol.5 holding report
The start-up weekend is not an IT event!
I am waiting for free ideas that are not bound by IT.

Even if there is no idea OK Team mate's role

"There is no particular idea you want to announce"
Even such a person is waiting for the start-up weekend.

In order to make the idea announced at pitch, it is indispensable that a companion with various skills and experience is necessary. In order to repeat temporary construction and verification from various viewpoints and angles, it is necessary for teammates cooperating with each other in their roles, regardless of experience or type of business.

In the startup weekend, we set three roles necessary for entrepreneurship. Participants will decide on what day they want to challenge on the first day.
  • Hustler: Measure and feedback the value of goods and services and customer's needs
  • Designer: Based on feedback, make a hypothesis, improve the value of goods and services
  • Hacker: Make hypotheses visible. To embody value

I do not care about my occupation, specialty field, skill at all. I often have a question saying "Can I hope for a designer even if I can not design?", But of course it is OK. Please choose the role you want to challenge.
By challenging the role different from the original occupation and learning, you should be able to explore your possibilities!

Of course you do not need any special qualifications or skills to participate!

Maximum harvest of startup weekend is encounter and experience

It is a start-up weekend aimed at nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, but it is the greatest attraction of this event, harvesting is encounter with various people who can hardly meet in everyday life. And the experience I make up with my team mate who I met for the first time is a valuable experience that I can never experience at a company or school.

Those who are planning for free in the future, those who want to realize their own projects at the company, those who become society from now on, and various learning experiences can be obtained.

Of course, it is also a great opportunity for those already thinking about entrepreneurship as an opportunity to simulate whether they can succeed as a business.
Perhaps it may be possible to actually start up as it is with friends gathered at the startup weekend.

Currently, start-up weekend is held in more than 110 countries, 478 cities, 1,000 times or more. There are holdings in local cities such as Shiga, Ogaki, Kumamoto, including big cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka in Japan. Among them, services that actually resulted in entrepreneurs are born.

be interested! Those who thought please check here

Sapporo opening of the start-up weekend is the sixth time this time!
I am interested even a little! If you think, please see the past holding report by all means.
If you would like to know the latest information on the startup weekend, please join the Facebook group or follow twitter.

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Date and time February 15 (Fri) - February 17 (Sun) in 2019
※ Please see the schedule for the detailed time etc.
Fee General 6,000 yen (prepayment 5,000 yen) (Up to 20 first names)
Student 3,000 yen (prepayment 2,500 yen) (Up to 10 people arrive)
Presentation presentation on the last day (with party participation) (First-come, first-served basis)
※ delicious meal with 5 meals ♪
※ Students are required to present a student ID card at the reception desk
Capacity 30 people (excluding viewers)
Venue ICC Intercross Creative Center
〒03 - 0006 Hokkaido Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward Higashi Sapporo 5 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1
Application method Please apply from here
Organized / operated StartupWeekendSapporo execution group
Special cooperation No Maps Committee
  • Cancellation of participation tickets will be refunded in full amount excluding payment system fee if you can contact us by 23:59 February 15 (Fri) 2019. Please note that refunds can not be made after that due to the payment of meals.
  • Those who can not make payment due to Doorkeeper's payment not going well, do not have a credit card, etc. will inform you of alternatives, so please use the official Twitter account (@swsapporo) or e-mail (sw.sapporo@gmail.comPlease contact us.
  • Photos taken during the event may be posted on Startup Weekend and event sponsors' websites, Facebook pages, or other interview media. Those who do not wish to publish must be requested to the staff at the event reception.


The following flow is planned for the day. Time and contents are temporary plans. Please check as a reference.

First day

【18:30 reception start】
The reception is open. (I think that there are also convenience for work, so it is okay if it is late)

【19: 00 dinner & exchange meeting】
We will hold an exchange party while eating. Let's see what kinds of participants are coming.

【19: 20 opening remarks】
Opening greetings and introduction of management staff will be held.

【Start of pitch at 19:30】
Participants pitch (short presentation of their ideas) will be held.

【21: 00 vote】
I will vote for the pitch that I thought was best.

【21: 15 Team formation & starting work】
We will form teams according to the skills they have and start work.

【Return home at 22:00】
This is the end on the first day. Thank you for your hard work.

the 2nd day

【9: 00 set】
It is the beginning of the second day.

【9: 30 Team & workplace formation】
We decide role sharing and start activities as a team. At the same time, we will make seats and decide the work place of each team.

【12: 00 Lunch】
Lunch will be served.

【13: 00 restart work】
We will continue to work after lunch.

【14:00 Advice from Coach】
If you have any troubles, ask your coach for advice.

【18: 30 dinner】
Dinner will be served.

【19: 30 restart work】
If progress does not seem to be bad, let's ask for help.

【Return home at 22:00】
It is the end of the second day. Thank you for your hard work. Let's do our best for the rest of the day.

Third day

【9: 00 Arrival】
It is the beginning of the last day.

【12: 00 Lunch】
Lunch will be served.

【13: 00 Question to coach】
The remaining time is a little. Let's ask the teams that have something to ask the coach to ask more and more.

【15:00 final check before presentation】
Presentation tournament is coming soon. Let's make a final check.

【17: 00 Presentation Competition】
It is finally a competition. Let 's do everything you've prepared.

【19: 00 Judging & Award Ceremony】
A rigorous review by the judges will be held and an award ceremony will be held.

【20: 00 Party (beginning of true learning)】
A social gathering will be held.

【21:00 return home】
Thanks for your hard work for three days. If you are not satisfied with drinking, go to a second party!


Detailed information · Please confirm from the link below how to apply.