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Sapporo Open Innovation Study Group VOL.3

I think about NHK Heart Net TV "TV for living"

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Date and time
Thursday, June 21, 2018
18: 00 ~ 19: 30 (17:00 reception start)

What is Sapporo Open Innovation Study Group?

A study group aimed at innovation in the region, which is caused by open relationships through interactions across industries, regions, occupations, generations, and positions. Through study and sessions organized by different themes each time, through the planning and management of ideason, it will become an initiator to bring up new ideas through interactions across all industries in Hokkaido centered on Sapporo and connecting with each other I will aim.
We held the NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Bureau 1 and 2 times, we invited experts in Hokkaido about the possibility of "local media × latest technology", spread the idea while receiving input. We will continue to operate the NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Bureau after the third time and aim to create a chance to mutually understand the roles that the media should play by participants discussing with several themes related to the media I will.

Third "Thinking about living TV"

Study session theme: "Dance to live" - ​​think about how to face media against youth's suicide ~

At the study group, we have worked on such things as NHK ETele "Hartnett TV" program interviewing method, SNS linkage, advance campaign, co-warrant with external creator, live streaming delivery for parties who can not watch TV In addition to introducing projects that combine various elements, I will think with the participants how the media should face suicide by young people.

I want you to come to this person! !

  • Those who come to the theme
  • Those who would like to make Sapporo version open innovation together
  • Those interested in workshops such as ideason, co-creation, Hackason
  • For IT creators (engineers and designers)
  • Interested in the future of media
  • If you are interested in what you can do with NHK


Schedule Thursday, June 21, 2018
time 18: 00 ~ 19: 30 (opening 17: 00)
Venue NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station First Studio
Entry fee free
Application method Please apply from here
Capacity 50 people
Sponsorship Sapporo Open Innovation Study Group
Co-organized No Maps Committee
Operation NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station
Planning cooperation 3rdPLACE (Tomoki Tomino)
Attention on the day
  • Please prepare a 6 digit reception number of connpass.
  • Shooting takes place to release the state of the event as an article.
  • The contents may be changed.


A place to say "I want to die" with peace of mind ~ Efforts of Heart Net TV "TV to live"

Rei GotoNHK E Tel "Heart Net TV" Director (Culture and Welfare Department, Production Bureau)
Heart Net TV (NHK · E Tele)Welfare program for all people who have "difficulty in life". In 2008, we set up a special website "Facing suicide" and listen to the voices of people who feel like "want to die" and continue to produce programs. Welfare programs such as "Television to live" with the theme of suicide among young people, "Supporting campaign with living with JR East", "Face to die" in teenagers "On the evening of August 31." We will introduce the forefront of SNS interlocking project, covering innovative accumulation.


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