Hokkaido virtual platform construction and utilization promotion seminar



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Date and time
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 (Wednesday)
As a place for research and development with the view to promoting the use of ICT · AI · IoT such as automatic driving and drone flight simulation, the "virtual platform" utilizing 3DVR and the public road linked with strategic special zones by local governments · public interest groups We will provide 'real experiment sites' such as experiments and drone fields to researchers and engineers such as manufacturers and universities.

We will conduct various simulations such as urban planning in the local government, the environment, disaster prevention, tourism etc. on this platform, utilize it in business evaluation, opinion recruitment, public relations etc. At the same time, we will develop VR model, We aim to develop it in various industrial fields.

We are holding a commemorative open seminar for the launch of the "Hokkaido Virtual Reality (VR) Promotion Council" (provisional name) which will consider promoting these uses. We introduce case examples of various VR utilization including the Shinkansen Sapporo station plan, and we will conduct a panel discussion "Investigating effectiveness and future prospects of VR usage" by inviting experts from industry, government and academia.
Date and time Wednesday June 27, 1990 (Wednesday) 14: 30 ~
place Dogin Hall (3 - chome Otani Chuo - ku, Sapporo)
Capacity 600 - 700 people
Fee Free (on request and first come first served basis)
Sponsorship Hokkaido Virtual Reality (VR) Promotion Council Preparatory Office
Cooperation No Maps Executive Committee, Sakura Internet Co., Ltd.
Support Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Hokkaido Development Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Cabinet Office Regional Creation Promotion Office, Hokkaido Economic Federation, Hokkaido Construction Association, Hokkaido Shimbun, Hokkaido Industry and Government Research Forum, Hokkaido Road Management Technology Center
Sponsorship Forum Eight Corporation
Cooperation with management Hokkaido Shimbun company sales department

time schedule

13: 30

Greeting from the organizer "Toward the launch of the VR Promotion Council"

Hokkaido Virtual Reality (VR) Promotion Council Chairman Mr. Hiroo Umbrella

Mr. Ken Mihito Takahashi Chairman of the Hokkaido Economic Federation
Keynote lecture 1 "i-Construction in Hokkaido comprehensive development"

Mr. Katsuhiko Yanagiyi, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Keynote lecture 2 "Application of VR simulation technology and its effect"

Nihon University School of Science and Engineering Civil Engineering Structure and Design Laboratory Professor Fumio Seki

Message to the council "VR platform perspective"

Professor, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Information Science Professor Mr. Kanai
Utilization of VR and construction of platform (tentative title)
~ A lot of VR cases such as "Hokkaido Shinkansen Sapporo station plan and VR simulation" introduced

Hokkaido University Mr. Kanai
Mr. Satoru Kurita Vice Chairman, Hokkaido Construction Association
No Maps Executive Committee Ryota Hattori
Sakura Internet Co., Ltd. Mr. Akihiro Maeda
Mr. Fumio Kanemoto
Information of VR Promotion Council

Representative for the VR Promotion Council Preparation Secretariat

Contact point

"Hokkaido Virtual Reality (VR) Promotion Council" preparatory office
Within the Association for Promotion of Advanced Expression Technology Promotion of the General Foundation
Shinagawa Intercity Building A, Building 21, Floor 2-15-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6021
TEL: 03-6711-1955 FAX: 03-6894-3888
EMAIL: hvr@soatassoc.org

Preparatory office

"Hokkaido Virtual Reality (VR) Promotion Council" preparatory office
2-5 North 5-west Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0005
JR Tower Office Plaza Sapporo 18F
TEL: 011-806-1888 FAX: 011-806-1889
EMAIL: hvr@soatassoc.org


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