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ACU-ARoom S (1614)

13: 00 - 16: 00

This event has ended. Sports × IT


Hirofumi Morioka

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters ICT Advisor

He is a SI company engaged in technical strategy, business strategy, system construction, research and development, advanced technology consulting, etc. After that, we established HAJ Empowerment, a consulting firm that aims to create innovation through collaboration with companies, local communities, governments, universities and others.
From January 2018 he plays the role of CTO in Fighters' general ICT strategy advisor and Hokkaido ball park concept.

Hitoshi Sugawara

CMO and Vice President, Director, Consadore Inc.

In 1991 he joined Hakuhodo Inc.
2005 Hakuhodo Inc. Sports Marketing Marketing Group Group Manager
2011 Company director and executive officer (changed its name to Hakuhodo DY Sports Marketing Co., Ltd. from April 2008)
2012 Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Sports & Entertainment Business Department Manager, Business Strategy Division
2013 Sports / Entertainment Business Bureau / Manager of Football Business Division
2015 Director of Football Business Division, Sports Business Bureau, Sports Business Division 2 Head of Sports Business
2016 CMO and Vice President, Director, Consadore Co., Ltd.

Yokota yu

CEO, Hokkaido Basketball Club, Inc.

1998 Joined the Hokkaido Physical Education and Culture Association. Tsukisa Green Dome Planning Manager etc.
2007 Joined Fantasia Entertainment Co., Ltd. (RELAKAMURA HOKKAIDO OPERATING COMPANY) Executive Officer, Executive Officer, etc.
Joined Japan Basketball Operations Japan Co., Ltd. Manager in 2011
2011 Incorporated HM Company, Inc. Head of Sales Planning Department, T1 Grand Prix Producer, Secretary General etc
2014 Hokkaido Basketball Club Co., Ltd. Joined business operations manager etc.
Inaugurated as Representative Director and CEO of the company in September 2016

17: 00 - 18: 00

This event has ended. Tell the future of the block chain


Shinichiro Sagane

LINE Inc. Developer Relations Team Manager / Platform Evangelist

Toward the realization of LINE's Smart Portal strategy, by spreading technologies such as AI and chat bot which bring about lifestyle change widely as common things, plan and promote the business platform strategy to reduce the distance between companies and society and individuals In charge.
After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology I experienced strategic consultants at Roland Berger and Realcoms listed on Mothers and product marketing managers, respectively, when I was enrolled at Oracle Japan. After that, he actively promoted Microsoft Azure's technical enlightenment and start-up support as Microsoft's evangelist from the dawn of Cloud, and then he was incumbent.

Fukatsu navigation

Scalar COO Co., Ltd. / CBO

For 18 years at Oracle Corporation in Japan, he was responsible for planning and introducing information systems mainly for major financial institutions. In orb Co., Ltd. co-founded Scalar Co., Ltd., which is a CBO (Chief Business Officer), consulting block chains of 2018 block chains of a large number of large companies, and product development. As a leading expert in business transformation through the introduction of block chains, Mr. Sumitomo will also serve as a verification experiment advisor on insurance management work utilizing block chain technology by Sumitomo Corporation.

Hideaki Takahashi

Mobile Factory Mobile Service Co., Ltd. Uniqys Team Product Manager

Joined Mobile Factory Co., Ltd. in 2015.
In charge of development and construction of front end in mobile content business.
Currently he is in charge of Uniqys Project as product manager.

Daisuke Tsuboi

Representative director INDETAIL Inc.

MBA obtained from Otaru University of Commerce graduate entrepreneurship major. After experiencing development experience as a software engineering company as a system engineer, I joined Staff Eye Co., Ltd. and assumed office of Sapporo branch manager. Established our predecessor, Itech Hokkaido in 2009. Since September 2017 he also serves as a visiting professor at the Hokkaido Science University. Hokkaido "a blocking chain technology gathering place" with a vision to create a new technology base in Hokkaido, launched an arbitrary organization "Block Chain Hokkaido Innovation Program (BHIP)". Do blockchain enlightenment activities.

ACU-ARoom A (1606)

14: 00 - 17: 00

This event has ended. Sapporo student VS Tokyo marketer


Aizen Azaya

Sapporo City University Professor

Born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1957.
1982 Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University Graduated from Industrial Design Major.
1982 Joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
2000 Director of France Design Studio, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
2004 Part-time lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University.
2006 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Propaganda Division Digital Media Group Manager.
In 2010 he was the Director of the website general manager. Dr. 2014 (Engineering).
Professor of Sapporo City University Design Faculty, 2015.

Naoki Waka

Sapporo City University Professor

Born in 1959, graduated from Kanazawa College of Art and Department of Industrial Design
1984 Graduate School of Arts in Tsukuba University Master of Arts
After working as a designer at the Fuji Xerox Research Institute Industrial Design Laboratory and Shiseido Propaganda Division, he was Associate Professor at the Okayama Prefectural University Faculty of Design.
2000 Associate Professor, School of Media, Tokyo University of Technology, Professor of the University of Tokyo 2005.
Dr. (Kansei Science) was acquired at the graduate school of the University of Tsukuba in 2006.
2010, Professor of Tokyo University of Technology design department.
From April 2017 Professor of Design Sapporo City.

Tanaka Teruya

Director of Infoburn Co., Ltd.

1990 Joined Credit Saison. After that he joined Infowburn in 2015 through JR East Planning, Dentsu, Trans / Cosmos, Metro Add Agency, Dentsu Razorfish (now Dentsu Isobar). In 2017 he took office as a director.
Oversee planning and DIGIDAY business centered on content marketing. Familiarity from mass to digital, good at communication design comprehensive crossing online and offline. From the producer of smartphone device applications to entertainment areas such as web program planning, B2B service design is widely handled.

Hirayama Courseque

President and Representative Director, Event Resist Co., Ltd.

Joined Yahoo! JAPAN in 2000. As a producer of Y! Shopping, we will launch Y! Since 2001, Microsoft has launched the rich media advertising division, since 2007 he is in charge of launching YouTube's advertising department as a new media strategy / operations team manager at Google. After that he participated in the establishment of TBS affiliated company goomo Co., Ltd. in 2009, and also as a WEB producer and TV program producer also worked on a promotion utilizing a new field beyond the media boundaries, established the Iberée in 2011.

Hayashi Hayashi

Japan Advertisers Association

After being a publisher, a production company, etc., he has been in current position since 2009. In charge of the digital domain consistently within the association, he is also in charge of television / radio media, outdoor advertisement, traffic advertisement media.

Kishida Mayuko

Freak out Co., Ltd.

After graduating from university, joined business brain rice company in April 2003. After 4 years of corporate sales experience, we will support web promotion and social media utilization for companies at members of Internet advertising agency / web site production company Members Corporation. From November 2015, he moved to freak out, Inc. and engaged in advertisement distribution design, operation and effectiveness verification work of consumer goods industry and communication industry.

Yuzo Yamazaki

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. Brand Marketing Manager

Born in Tokyo in 1974. Joined company in 1997. Engaged in IT department planning / operation / maintenance of in-house system. I belonged to the marketing department since 2006. From 14 years he has been in charge of team management of advertisement / PR / digital / event / sports marketing after undergoing the content management of the company website, the press and the product marketing. Currently he is involved in team management of communication based on PR and digital.

Junichiro Yamashita

CEO of Brighter Reiter

Born in 1968 in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from International Christian University (ICU), he established the 2011 Brighter · Rater after a strategic consulting firm, a European telecommunications equipment maker, a domestic Internet service company, a US based digital printing market research company, etc. Brighter Rater is a consulting firm dedicated to the printing industry, especially at the "printing x ICT x marketing" specializing in supporting the launch of a new printing service connecting the web and real.

ACU-ARoom B (1613)

13: 00 - 14: 00

This event has ended. "Growth Industry" Thinking from Hokkaido Innovation of Forestry


Kentaro Kitahara

Hokkaido Primary Industry Hackson 2018 Executive Committee Chairperson

After graduating from university, independent experience as a freelance after experiencing multiple systems development company in Sapporo city. After that, after involved in multiple development projects for about 10 years, they will be participating in Hackathon held in various places for several years. I gradually wanted to hold a Hackingon in Hokkaido, I happened to meet Mr. Saito (President of Hokkaido Primary Industry Hakkason, now Hokkaido) who had been selling high-performance forestry machines for sale at the event and then I got to know "Forestry xICT" I have worked as a theme. Moreover, in order to be able to work more freely, it became a corporation as BREAKTHROUGH Co., Ltd. in 2017.

15: 00 - 16: 00

This event has ended. This happened in September 2018 "Hokkaido blackout". And what measures should I do now?


Fumio Ochi

Representative director Akari Mika Co., Ltd.

After graduating from Hokkaido University, I worked at the Hokkaido Electric Power and Federation of Electric Power Companies for 29 years. At the Hokkaido Toyako Summit in 2018, he was a specialist in the energy world who served as the secretary general of the Sapporo dome as a venue for the general environmental exhibition. In 2010 he became an independent consultant for reducing energy costs. In 2012, we launched AKARI corporation that resonated with the "AKARI Future Plan" high-efficiency lighting diffusion campaign promoted by the government promoting energy saving / global warming countermeasure, and its name was taken on company name. Based on the experience of the Public Relations Division Manager of the Kita Electric era and the manager of the crisis management measures section, he is also active as a crisis management advisor.

Kousuichi Masuyama

Former Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry / Representative to make Hokkaido strongly supple

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, I entered the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (current · Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). He joined the Director of Hokkaido Commercial Bureau in June 2012 after commerce policy, regional policy, including the Director of Policy Division of Energy Saving · New Energy Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, including General Manager of Petroleum Natural Gas · Metals and Mineral Resources Organization General Affairs Department. From June 2014 to August 2015, he is a director of SME Infrastructure Development Organization. Visiting professor of Asahikawa University from April 2017. A representative who strongly supple Hokkaido.

17: 00 - 18: 00

This event has ended. Hokkaido Open Data Platform's Future


Hiroyuki Ito

General President Hokkaido Open Data Promotion Council Chairman / Representative Director of Krypton Future Media, Inc. / No Maps Executive Committee Chairperson

After working at Hokkaido University, July 1995 established Krypton · Future Media Co., Ltd. in Sapporo city. With over 100 affiliated companies around the world, more than 30 million sound contents are the largest in the world. DTM software, music distribution aggregator, 3DCG technology, etc. We are advancing service development and technology development with sound as the idea source every day. It is also known as "Hatsune Miku" development company. Hokkai Gakuen University Economic Graduation. No Maps Executive Committee Chairperson, Visiting Professor at Information Hokkaido Information University also concurrently holds. Received the Ainu Ring prize in 2013.

Yoshimi Yamamoto

Hokkaido University Graduate School of Information Sciences Graduate School of Information Sciences Professor / Vice President, Hokkaido Open Data Promotion Council

After completing the master's course of Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, he worked at Fujitsu Ltd. and then lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University in 1982. Since then, he has been an associate professor, a professor of the large computer center of the same university since 2004 and a professor of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology from the same university from 2016. In the meantime, he also served concurrently as a visiting researcher in the United States of America Rand Cooperation, Director of Information Infrastructure Center, Hokkaido University, Deputy Director of Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Organization of the same university. In industry-academia collaboration, he participated in the establishment of Medical Image Lab Co., Ltd. in 2002 and participated in management as a director in charge of technology development, etc. Currently, he is involved in technical support and investment etc. to many venture companies. Research fields include computer graphics, symbol processing systems, embedded systems and so on.

ACU-ARoom C (1605)

12:00 - 13:00

This event has ended. Innovation born from the area


Kenji Matsuguchi

Meisei Wakaku Executive Committee Chairman / Sinou Corporation

Born in 1994. When I was 20 years old I went to Silicon Valley for a short period of study and I got a media interview Loqui (Rokui) as an opportunity. During the leave of university, we launched Synow Co., Ltd. and serve as an organizer such as "Akashi Wakuraku" which features heterogeneous wrestling concepts and "awabar fukuoka" in Fukuoka Growth Next, which utilized closed schools for establishment support facilities. In order to boost Kyushu's HR market, a matching service called SUKIMA (Skima) is also under development.

Nobuusu Fujii

Kobe University Graduate School of Systems and Information Sciences / Associate Professor / Cross Media Event "078" Executive Committee Chairperson

After working as a special researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC1), Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University, Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo Center for Artifacts Engineering Research, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo and Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University. Doctor (Engineering) (University of Tokyo). He is engaged in research on operations research, autonomous decentralized production system, service engineering, open innovation and so on.

Hiroyuki Ito

General President Hokkaido Open Data Promotion Council Chairman / Representative Director of Krypton Future Media, Inc. / No Maps Executive Committee Chairperson

After working at Hokkaido University, July 1995 established Krypton · Future Media Co., Ltd. in Sapporo city. With over 100 affiliated companies around the world, more than 30 million sound contents are the largest in the world. DTM software, music distribution aggregator, 3DCG technology, etc. We are advancing service development and technology development with sound as the idea source every day. It is also known as "Hatsune Miku" development company. Hokkai Gakuen University Economic Graduation. No Maps Executive Committee Chairperson, Visiting Professor at Information Hokkaido Information University also concurrently holds. Received the Ainu Ring prize in 2013.

14: 00 - 15: 00

This event has ended. Growing a child who loves the local saves the area!?


Exit lifetime

Professor of Hokkaido University of Science College General Education Dept.

After admission to the National Youth Education Facility in 1981, the Ministry of Education, 1987, mainly related to the fields of lifelong learning and social education. In charge of institutional design / awareness raising of 2007 "school support region headquarters project". 2010-12 Wakayama University Area Collaboration · Lifelong Learning Center Professor · Director of the Center, related to education and research of lifelong learning · social education. In charge of education and dissemination of "community school" from 2013 to 14 years. From 2015 to 17 Hokkaido University School Director, current position from April this year. From 2015 he also serves as a promotor of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Community School (CS Mister). Specialty is lifelong learning and social education. The main papers and the like are "Disaster Volunteer Center in Disaster of Typhoon No. 12", "Collaboration of Schools, Families and Regions and Regional Creation" (Japan Lifelong Education Association), "Policy Trend of Community School" (Quarterly Education Act) Efforts and Presence "(Wakayama University) and others

16: 00 - 17: 00

This event has ended. No Maps Relationship between disaster and technology


Yasuto Furukawa

Code for Sapporo / MIERUNE Inc.

Civic Tech Activities Community Code for Sapporo Core Members. He is involved in projects such as "Sapporo Nursery School Map" and "Higumobu Pu" that make use of Civic Tech's method, and is also engaged in activities related to open data and open science. Code for Japan Advisor / OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan Steering Committee / OSGeo Foundation Japan Branch Steering Committee / Rakuno Gakuen University Environmental GIS Laboratory Professor / MIERUNE Inc.

Tomoki Tomino

General Director MA Executive / Third Place

Former Recruitment Holdings R & D department in charge of overall innovation development.
From 2011 to 2016 he oversees the operation of Japan's largest development contest Mashup Awards and is involved in open innovation and engineer support. From 2015 he is in charge of CIVICTECHFORUM's supervisor who positions it as a CivicTech showcase (trade fair).
Currently it supports various companies' innovation activities and open activities.

Yamagata Takaya

Hokkaido Morimachi / Haumori / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Mori Town is both born and raised. After graduating from the town high school, I was appointed to the Mori-cho office, so I never got out of Mori-cho.
"What is Physical Distance?" As the motto, now he is president of Creator · Complex Haemori, as an administrative artist, while also working.
Major works - Kiroku, Ogarco, Higuribu etc. Anytime to Hokkaido Mori Town.


ACU-ARoom S (1614)

13: 00 - 16: 00

This event has ended. Agriculture Maps @ NoMaps


Iwata Keiso

Representative Director of Donk Enterprise Co., Ltd.

After graduating from the fashion vocational school in 1988, I lived in the fashion industry
Work on various fashion events and succeed.
December 1999 Established Donke Enterprise.
Not only fashion events
2002 FIFA World Cup, 2003 Asian Baseball Tournament,
2008 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, 2004 ~ 2008 WRC World Rally Championship etc.
Produce and manage sports culture events.
December 2002 specialized in fashion event
Establishment of ZNO NETWORKS.
Starting with promotion and fashion show planning and management,
Visual space design, design concept building
Work on various concept work.
It started from 2007
Starting production of overall production at SAPPORO COLLECTION
An up-and-coming director who handles a number of nationwide events currently ongoing.
Also handling many famous luxury brand shows etc
2018 In charge of visual space design of JAPAN HOUSE in Winter Pyeongchang Olympics.
The base of the activity is not limited to Hokkaido, but it extends the place of activity to the whole country and the world.

Naomi Yoshimura

Kinomitsu Castle Member, Senior Managing Director

36 years old (as of October 2018) Born in Osaka
Kinomitsu Castle Member, Senior Managing Director
Creative Director, Inc.
Kuriyama Town Drywood Cooperative Association Director
Hokkaido Furniture · Hokkaido Furniture Remodeling Business Division Project Manager
Hokkaido's food. Head of Business Division

Graduated from 2006 Hawaii Pacific University Accounting
Joined wellnet international 2006
Shintaro Ishihara election office in 2007 (for Tokyo Governor's election) Seconded
2008 Joined Creation Tokyo Branch of Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration Admission
Graduated from Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration 2010
2010 Joined as Kimitsu Castle Co., Ltd. and Mr. Matsudetsu president general manager
2012 Kimichiro Castle Co., Ltd. and Mr. Tetsuetsu Senior Managing Director assumed office
Inaugurated as Director of Kuriyama Town Drywood Cooperative Association 2014
2016 Inauguration Hokkaido Furniture · Hokkaido Furniture Remodeling Division General Manager Business Division
In 2018, it is food of a hokkaido. Inauguration of business headquarters
To the present

Miki language

Representative director of CROSS Business Producers Co., Ltd.

Specializing in business creation using new technology targeting the world market.
Through experiences of domestic and overseas management consulting firm enrollment experience, I was witnessing a decline in international competitiveness of Japanese companies while taking charge of global projects, and in October 2011, in order to create more flapping business worldwide CROSS Business Producers founded.

In the beginning of Europe, Asia, Middle East, manage business creation projects as project leaders in a wide range of the world.
We aim to build products and services that are accepted by people all over the world while drawing on the individuality of the people involved and capturing unique local technologies, designs and cultures.
We find common feelings among various values, drop it into a business plan, and create a path to the creation of business results.

Past representative case
"Organization total sharpening program" (major electronics manufacturer) 1 year
"Tablet terminal development and marketing plan" (major electronics manufacturer) 10 months
"New media service creation project" (communication carrier) 6 months
"New business income creation strategy planning for newspaper companies" (Kawasaki Shimpo) 6 months
"Economic revitalization in marginal settlement" (Totsukawa village in Nara prefecture) 1 year

Educational background / employment history
Completed master's and doctoral course at Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce.
Established CROSS Business Producers (CROSS Business Producers Co., Ltd.) through Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture Inc.), Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Research Institute. At the CNN Tokyo branch office in the age of students, experienced the press producer interns and grasp the image which is the origin of the current occupation. He is also a representative of kotobaworks, an operating company born from the activities of CROSS Business Producers Co., Ltd. I belong to the International Business Research Association and Academy of International Business.

ACU-ARoom A (1606)

14: 00 - 15: 00

This event has ended. Atom, 15 years old. Can Astro Boy be realized?


Hitoshi Matsubara

Vice Chairman of the Hakodate Future University

Born in Tokyo on February 6, 1959. 1981 Graduated from Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo.
1986 Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Completed Doctoral Program in Information Engineering.
Doctor of engineering. In the same year entered the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Technical Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (now National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).
2000 Hakodate Future University Professor.
Vice Chairman of Future University University Hakodate 2016. I am interested in artificial intelligence, game informatics, tourism informatics etc.
His books include "Advances in Computer Shogi", "Can Astro Boy be Realized", "Readers' Brains", "Introduction to Tourism Information Studies", "Does My AI have a mind?"
Prior Artificial Intelligence Society President, Director of IPSJ, Board of Tourism Information Society.
President of Future Share Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President.

Chika Yonekura

Representative Director and CEO, Orz Co., Ltd.

Born in 1977. Participated in Media Do (currently MediaDu Holdings TSE 1st Section: 3678) since he was in the Faculty of Literature at Aichi University. In 2001 he took office as a director of the company. In 2004 he worked independently as a content producer. Established Future Boys Co., Ltd., which develops graphic, game and media services since 2006. Grow to a company with annual sales of 1.5 billion yen. Sold all business in 2014 and founded Ortsu Corporation in November the same year.

16: 00 - 17: 00

This event has ended. Sapporo × Shibuya conference


Shinko Nagata

Shibuya Mirai Design Dean, General Association (Representative of NEW KIDS Co., Ltd.)

He joined Red Bull Japan in 2007 after working as a sales, marketing and public relations manager of information and telecommunications and corporate systems and services at AT & T, Nokia. As the head of marketing headquarters for the first three years, he has been a marketing head for seven and a half years since 2010, engaged in establishing the category of energy drinks in Japan and redecorating brands and products in the Japanese market, leaving the company at the end of September and independence. Currently Mr. Shibuya Mori Design General Association founded in April 2018 Director and Deputy Director General of the Secretariat.
Professional, brand marketing, advertisement, promotion, media, publicity, events, content etc.


Stone water wound

Representative Director and President of Ishiya Confection Co., Ltd.

March 2004 Graduated from Toyo University Faculty of Law, Department of Business Law
Graduated from Hikari Salt Gakuen cooking vocational school in September 2006
March 2013 Graduate School of Otaru University of Commerce (Entrepreneurship Department of Commerce Graduate School) Completed
April 2004 Joined Ishiya confectionery Co., Ltd.
May 2006 Ishiya Confection Co., Ltd., assumed office as a director of Ishiya Shoji Co., Ltd.
May 2008 Inaugural Managing Director
July 2009 Inaugurated Senior Managing Director
July 2010 Inaugural Representative Director and Executive Vice President
July 2013 Inaugurated as Representative Director and President

Hitoshi Kobayashi

President Arica Design Limited Company

Creative Director / Art Director
Born in Tokyo in 1970. After several production companies, independence in 1996.
DAISHI DANCE FANTASTIC JOURNEY feat.Crystal Kay music video,
BIGBANG complete Box CD jacket, boulangeriecoron branding,
NHK E TEL "MITATE", "Yukky's World Classic Novel Understanding in 5 Minutes", "
TEAMNACS "WARRIOR" goods, Sapporo snow festival posters,
Rising sun rock festival 2016 logo Hokkaido Shinkansen opening business CP etc.
In addition, we are doing many projects that seem to be Hokkaido, "food" that nurtured a rich earth.
Processed foods making use of them. Various products (goods) etc created by northern artisans such as sweets of interest etc.
Produce an excellent product (product) that boasts nationwide.
Make enthusiastic products and companies that make good use of local characteristics
We support from the standpoint of "branding" and "promotion".
Branding strategy and product characteristics that create value added to major manufacturers
We cultivated enterprises and products together such as precise promotion and cultivation of sales channels,
We are offering solutions to disseminate nationwide.

Sapporo ADC Grand Prix · Sapporo ADC Associate Grand Prix · Sapporo ADC Poster Category Gold Prize Sapporo ADC Poster Category Silver Award
Sapporo ADC Book Editorial Department Gold Award · Sapporo ADC Package Division Gold Medal Sapporo ADC Choice Hiromura Masaki Award
51st All Hokkaido Advertising Association Awards WEB Division Excellence Award · JAGADA Winning TDC Final Nomination, Selected etc.

ACU-ARoom B (1613)

13: 00 - 14: 00

This event has ended. X Business talk session


Yoshimi Hashimoto

President of Bushiroad Co., Ltd.

Born in Tochigi prefecture in 1964.
After graduating from Keio University science and engineering department, after joining IBM Japan Ltd., established COSPA Corporation in 1995, assumed office as Representative Director and President, pioneering the animation · game surrounding market in early years. In 2006 he assumed the position of Representative Director and President of Tabrier Communications Co., Ltd. (current COSPA Group Holdings Co., Ltd.).
From January 2012 he became an advisor to Bushiroad Inc., since September 2015 he was appointed as a director of the company, and he oversaw the management planning department and a part of overseas business. Inaugurated as representative director and president of the company in October 2017 (current position)

Shinjiro Yamamoto

Representative Director of Sporty Co., Ltd.

Rakuten Co., Ltd., Amazon Japan, a net venture company, a venture capital firm, established Sporiti Co., Ltd. in March 2017. In the sports Internet media "spill-up" that operates, SNS marketing and SEO countermeasures are used to realize attracting 200,000 people / month in a short period and reading 500,000 PV / month.
Consulting business related to web service business also developed. Particularly in the field of utilizing FinTech at its own site, the number of members: 500 thousand to 1.7 thousand people, the sales have grown to 500 to 2.7 billion annual sales.

Katsuto Matsushima

Yano Research Institute Inc. X Business Chief Researcher

Graduated from Hokkaido University Faculty of Literature. After working overseas for about 6 years at a travel agency (Germany), joined Yano Research Institute, Inc. in June 2000. He is mainly in charge of industrial research in the education industry field. Since 2011, he is in charge of "otaku business" research. Inception of X business from about 2017, start of "X business" activity. July 2017 Formerly established "X Business Association" in cooperation with various businesses. From July 2018, he is responsible for "X Business Corner" in the Tokyo MX TV "The Visionary" every Tuesday at 20 o'clock.

15: 00 - 16: 00

This event has ended. Examples of ICT utilization at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, towards Tokyo in 2020


Kaori Misawa

General Research Institute Multimedia Promotion Center Information and Communications Research Division Chief Researcher

He is engaged in research on mobile / ICT convergence service field and Korea ICT field in think-tank, and is active in lectures, seminar lecturers, article contributions, etc. I am investigating the latest trends so that the current situation of the Korean ICT field which has the most common points with Japan globally is understood, so that it can be understood from policy trends, mainly in fields of high interest in Japan.


4DReplay Vice President

After graduating from Tohoku University School of Computational Computing Center, joined Samsung SDI Corporation Computer Division. He moved to Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. in 1994 and is involved in the business for Japan at the overseas business marketing strategy office. Project manager, Saga office director, general manager of Japanese business, retired in 2014. Currently, 4DReplay Vice President.

ACU-ARoom C (1605)

14: 00 - 15: 00

This event has ended. Uleu Presents WORK SHIFT from HOKKAIDO


Tomoya Hoshi

President and Representative Director of Ururu Co., Ltd.

Born in Sapporo in 1976. After graduating from high school, I went to Washo and I was impressed by Ayers Rock (local languages ​​"Uruu") from which company name originated. I felt doubt that those who can not go out and work outside due to child rearing, family care, etc. had no opportunity to earn income only about "internal job", and entered after returning home with a vision of "standardization of home work" Company founded in company at work. In 2006, he became independent and currently incumbent by MBO.
The crowdsourcing business that develops "Sufuti" as a matching site for home workers and companies as a contract business, and the CGS business that develops services on their own by utilizing SUFTI workers, the standard of home work Aim.

Hiroki Toyama

Representative Director and President of SATURDAURA Holdings Co., Ltd.

Born in Sapporo in 1976. After graduating from Sapporo University, I joined a daily goods wholesale trading company.
After working in Fukushima and Tokyo he joined Sapporo Drugstore Co., Ltd. in 2007.
In May 2015 he became president. From the spring of 2016 we will start promoting the new "Satsudra" brand and also put in our inbound. In addition, in August 2016 Established Satsudora Holdings Co., Ltd. as president and president. Under the concept of "Retail × Marketing", I am challenging to build a next-generation ecosystem centered on the management of chain stores and the operation of the common point card "EZOCA". In June 2017, we also grouped two IT companies with AI and POS development and entered the technology field.

16: 00 - 17: 00

This event has ended. Education × Regional Innovation


Yu Iwamoto

Co-sponsoring Regional / Educational Attraction Platform

Born in Tokyo. In the field of regional development in 20 countries in Asia and Africa in the age of students, he published his experiential learning "Flow Diary". Constructing a school in Afghanistan with its royalties etc. After acquiring teacher's license of young, small, middle and high school and graduating, engaged in human resource development · social contribution project etc. at Sony. Since 2007 I practiced town planning by creating people centered on Okijima former high school in sea cities. Selected as "100 people to rebuild Japan (Asahi Shimbun Publishing · AERA)". The project received the 1st Platinum Grand Prix (Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award) etc. Shimane Prefecture Education Office concurrently serves Shimane Prefecture Regional Promotion Division from 2015 and tackles region creation through educational development. In 2016, he won the Special Social Innovator of the Year Award (Nippon Foundation). <Recent work> "School of the island that changed the future - Challenge to Okijima former departure furusato revival" (jointly written, Iwanami Shoten, 2015)


ACU-ARoom S (1614)

15: 00 - 16: 00

This event has ended. Interstellar Technologies


Takashi Inagawa

Representative director of Interstellar Technologies, Inc.

Born in 1987. Completion of Ph.D. degree program at the Tokyo Institute of Technology graduate mechanic physics engineering course in 2013. From the time of undergraduate department responsible for designing the whole human powered aircraft team to participate in the bird human contest. We set up a student rocket circle at Tokyo Institute of Technology and launched a hybrid rocket. After graduating from the graduate school, I joined Interstellar Technologies, a small rocket development company, and assumed the position of Representative Director and President in 2014. He is mainly in charge of system design, avionics and control systems.

Ryuichiro Kanai

Interstellar Technologies, Inc. Development Dept. / MOMO 2 Project Manager

Born in 1987. Coming from Teshikaga Town, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido, graduated from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Ph.D. After assigning to the space environment system engineering laboratory at the graduate school, we conducted research on the CAMUI type hybrid rocket. In the laboratory, as a development project, R & D and launch of GasCAMUI which simplified the operation of the CAMUI rocket, and in 2012 he was a student representative of the University Space Engineering Consortium UNISEC and a representative of Noshiro Space Event Student. He joined Interstellar Technologies in 2015 when he is in the doctorate course, and since then he has worked as an engineer in charge of promotion and system design. As MOMO Unit 2, he is a project manager.

Chiharu Uematsu

Interstellar Technologies, Inc. Development Division / In charge of ground equipment

Born in 1993. I am from Kanagawa prefecture. Graduated from Aerospace Studies Department of Space Department of Tokai University Faculty of Engineering 2016. I was interested in rocket production as I participated in the production course of hybrid rocket in high school days, and belonged to a hybrid rocket production project in the university at university and served as a project manager. He joined Interstellar Technologies in 2016 and negotiates and coordinates with each relevant part at the time of MOMO launch, mainly as a ground support facility, designing and manufacturing and testing the ground burning experiment equipment.

Toru Kobayashi

Interstellar Technologies, Inc. Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1991. Nagano Prefecture from Nakano city. Graduated from economics management department of economics department of Kyoto University 2014. Acquired qualified as a small and medium enterprise diagnostician while studying abroad. Joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation with a new graduate and conduct corporate sales and financing operations in Osaka. Besides joining Interstellar Technologies in 2016, he is in charge of financial affairs, and is responsible for general back office operations such as public relations and labor.

One person Suzuki

Professor at Hokkaido University Public Policy Institute

He completed his doctoral program at Sussex University in the UK in 2000 (International Political Science). Since 2000 he has worked as a full-time lecturer at the University of Tsukuba, an associate professor and has been in current position since 2008. Visiting researcher at Princeton University in 2012, he worked as a member of the UN Security Council Iran sanctioning expert panel from 2013 to 2015. Member of the World Economic Forum Space Committee from 2008. A regular member of the International Space Academy from 2010. Member of the Space Policy Committee Security Committee from 2015. As a book "Space Development and International Politics" (Iwanami Shoten, 2011, Suntory Arts and Craft Prize), "Risks linked to technology, environment and energy".

ACU-ARoom A (1606)

12:00 - 13:00

This event has ended. Future Airline Drawn by ANA Digital Design Lab


Yoshiaki Tsuda

ANA Holdings Digital Design Laboratory / Chief / Director

Born on December 4, 1969. I am from Saitama prefecture. He graduated from Tokyo University Economics Department in March 1992. He joined ANA in April of the same year and was assigned to the Fukuoka branch sales department. After 5 years travel agency sales, I moved to Tokyo Head Office Sales Headquarters in April 1997. Since then he is in charge of sales / marketing related work (route planning, fare formulation, yield management, channel planning, promotional promotion, etc.). As a result of the shift to a holding company system in April 2013, he was appointed to ANA Holdings and headed the Corporate Planning Division. Current position since April 2016.

Kokoro Deep Bell

ANA Holdings Digital Design Lab / Avatar Program Director

Joined ANA in 2008. A profitable and non-profitable tie-up model "BLUE WING program" was invented, and Global Agenda Seminar 2010 Grand Prize was awarded. Since 2014, in charge of promotion of ANA, plan and execute business class experience promotion "YOUR ANA" photographed with wearable camera. In 2016, we planned a cloud funding service "WonderFLY". Designed the concept of "ANA AVATAR XPRIZE" at the next International International Prize Race Design Contest sponsored by XPRIZE Foundation and received the Grand Prix, started in March 2018.

ACU-ARoom B (1613)

12:00 - 14:00

15: 00 - 16: 00

This event has ended. Pokemon × regional globalization


Takashi Utsunomiya

Pokemon Chief Operating Officer (COO)

After graduating from university, at Booz Allen · Hamilton Corporation, he will be a managerial consultant for three years.
In 2005 he joined Pokemon Co., Ltd. After that he was in charge of various business such as WEB promotion, retail store business, card game business, character license, video game development. Currently he is Chief Operating Officer (COO). In 2002, graduated from the University of Tokyo law department. Born January 25, 1979.

Yuusuke Kumagai

Krypton · Future Media Co., Ltd. Mobile Content Team Manager CGM Team Manager

Joined Krypton Future Media in 2002. Worked on content production and site production of career official mobile website. In 2007 he was involved in the planning and development of Hatsune Miku, currently in charge of character licensing business and game development business management.

17: 00 - 18: 00

This event has ended. Regional creation starting from a flying car


Tomohiro Fukuzawa

Co-sponsor CARTIVATOR volunteer group

After graduating from the University of Tokyo Engineering department, joined Toyota Motor Corporation. As a member of the Procurement Division, he conducted overseas business trips at least 1,000 times, engaged in improvement activities, and headed up to several hundred people projects. Established Fukuzawa Shoten Co., Ltd., a management consulting company in the manufacturing industry in January 2017. He also serves as a representative director of CARTIVATOR Resource Management, a general corporation that manages the development activities of "Flying Car" "CARTIVATOR (Katy Beta)".

Mikako Hayashi

Keio University Graduate School SDM Professor / Professor Visiting Professor, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Agriculture

After graduating from Hokkaido University Faculty of Agriculture, after Sapporo TV Broadcasting announcer, he became independent as a caster. Dr. (engineering) was acquired at Hokkaido University graduate school. Professor, School of SDM, Keio University. Visiting professor at Hokkaido Graduate School of Agriculture. Regional Activity Society Councilor. Outside director of the North Taiwan Bank. I live in Sapporo.
Research topics include sustainable agriculture, regional revitalization through coexistence between rural and urban areas, community development through food and agriculture

Hiroyuki Ito

Representative director of Krypton Future Media Co., Ltd. / No Maps Executive Committee Chairperson

After working at Hokkaido University, July 1995 established Krypton · Future Media Co., Ltd. in Sapporo city. With over 100 affiliated companies around the world, more than 30 million sound contents are the largest in the world. DTM software, music distribution aggregator, 3DCG technology, etc. We are advancing service development and technology development with sound as the idea source every day. It is also known as "Hatsune Miku" development company. Hokkai Gakuen University Economic Graduation. No Maps Executive Committee Chairperson, Visiting Professor at Information Hokkaido Information University also concurrently holds. Received the Ainu Ring prize in 2013.

Kozo Unno

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Senior Manager / Keio SDM Institute Flying Kurumarabo

After working as a US-based and UK-based consulting company, he is currently working. He is engaged in developing large-scale complex social and technical systems such as developing new business from domestic and foreign financial institutions (mainly insurance companies), developing financial products and developing large-scale IT systems. Research on new social security system, insurance system etc for next generation mobility.

ACU-ARoom C (1605)

12:00 - 13:00

This event has ended. Potential of regional tourism derived by aerial shooting


Itoh Hiroshi

Drone Grapha

Born in Horonobe-cho, Teshio-gun in 1983. Impress approved drone grapher. Working on the creation of video works using drones, beside the core business. At the work "NORTHERNMOST" set in Soya district in Hokkaido, he won the domestic only aerial photograph competition "Drone Movie Contest" Grand Prize & Jury Special Award.

Eiji Yamaoka

Hokkaido Broadcasting Organization Department Media Strategy Department Director / "Hokkaido Drone Travelogue" Producer

In 1994, graduated from Waseda University School of Political Economics, joined Hokkaido Broadcasting. He joined the site of news coverage, program production, and has been involved for 20 years since joining the company. From 2011 to 2015, I worked as a correspondent at the JNN-TBS China · Beijing branch office. After returning to Japan, he joined the content department and started his current position in November 2017. From July 2018, the mini program "Hokkaido Drone Travelogue" (every Thursday midnight from 05:55) is being broadcasted and delivered.

Harada Takumi

Mimi-machi Commerce and Industry Tourism Section Manager

In 1985, the municipal government office entrance. Ten years ago, he was involved in the geopark accreditation of the town, and in 2015 he gained UNESCO World Geopark certification as "Apoi Dake Geopark". Through the Geopark, we are promoting tourism and educational activities utilizing the conservation of geological, natural and cultural heritage in the region. I just finished the "Nihon Geopark National Tournament - Aoyo Festival Tournament" held by collecting about 600 geopark officials nationwide, and now I am relieved. Born in 1967.